First off we really enjoyed working with Zander's House for our wedding! Our guest had a great time and this was a wonderful venue!

My husband and I come from two different backgrounds. I am Vietnamese and my husband is German/Polish which made for an interesting wedding in terms of comprising on traditions. My parents required that we have certain aspects of Vietnamese traditions incorporated in our wedding.  One being that the food served at the wedding had to be Vietnamese dishes and also multiple courses. 

It was really hard to find a venue that was flexible and easy to work with that was also beautiful. Zander's House and their staff were excellent. The venue was spacious enough to fit our large wedding of 355 guest =) and they were so kind to me in every way possible and gave me everything I needed. The food was great!!! Our Vietnamese guests and guest from other backgrounds raved about it! Kirk the owner was always very responsive to any questions that I had and gave me great advice. 

They do book other weddings/events besides Viet ones but if you are looking for a great Venue and want great Vietnamese food. This is the place!! I highly recommend this venue!

- Ashley J.

Hi Kirk! Just wanted to thank you and your team for the top notch service and exceeding our expectations. Everyone was raving about how beautiful the reception was and how the food was awesome! We are so glad we picked Zander's House as our venue. We had a great time!  Thanks again and best wishes!

- Lisear D.

Hi Kirk!
I just wanted to thank you for working with us on my brother's wedding.  The food was spectacular.  Everyone only had wonderful things to say.  Though, I must admit, I cannot speak for the lobster because when I rounded the tables and came back, everyone must have inhaled the lobster.  They didn't save me any at all.  I am still giving my brother a hard time about that.  I guess that action speaks louder than any compliments.  Anyway, I am going to give the special Zander's meat marinade a try over the new year.  My hopes are high :) I am proud to say that I now know what the hype is all about when people speak of Zander's House.  

-Thu D.


We would both like to thank you for far exceeding our expectations last night. Everyone that we talked to had nothing but great things to say about the space and the food. I have to say that the food was at its absolute best. It tasted fresh and delicious. Your staff was courteous and attentive. I want to personally thank you for everything that you did throughout this past year. I know that you guys are pretty much booked every weekend of the year but we will be recommending your venue to everyone that we know because of how well you pulled it off last night. I can't believe the day and night are over but Kelly and I will forever remember last night at Zander's House. Much Thanks

- Kelly & Steven S.

Had my wedding here on June 4th 2016. Best choice I made as far as venue goes. I changed from 400 to 500 seats in the two weeks prior to the wedding date, and they were able to accommodate us. They set up tables so that it does not interfere with the dance floor, and I had room to ride a bike with my wife on the back as our entrance. With 500 seats, it did not feel tight. Most restaurants I have been to with 400 seats, you can bare walk. Yes, the price was not as low as other Vietnamese venues, but you get what you pay for. Zander's is the most extravagant Vietnamese wedding venue in the DFW. We deposited half and pay the rest that same night, just like every other venue. Some people told me that they do not like to pay like that, but which restaurant lets you eat and go home without paying? I worked with Kirk directly and he responded as fast as he could. He helped us out a lot, lets us come in early and do our set up. That's one of the reasons why we selected Zander's. They only use this location as a venue, so coming in on Friday to set up was ok. Most restaurants don't start setting up till 3PM on the same day as your wedding date and guests start arriving at 6:30PM. We would not have had time to set up our stuff. Food was excellent, my family and friends loved it. Nothing came out cold and the flavors were delicious...

-Vu P.

So & Kirk,

Thank you for the great food and going above & beyond for us. Our guests love the food a lot...especially the vegetarian dishes was amazing!!!

Love- Elaine N. & Thai P.


Thank you for working so hard to make our wedding reception a success. You have been a pleasure to work with and I would not  hesitate to recommend Zander's House. Mostly because we also want to come back and eat the delicious food! I wish you every success. Thanks again.

-Linh H. & Long V.

I just wanted to take this moment to thank EVERYONE on behalf of myself and the Mrs. Susan Ngo. It was such an awesome wedding! One for the books, probably the latest and greatest I've seen, such a huge crowd at the end of the night. I had a blast, and by the looks of it, everyone else did too. 

Thank you thank you thank you so much to Kirk Bui at Zander's House for letting me have my wedding at his wonderful venue! Best food, beautiful venue, great guy! Can't ask for anything more. If you're getting married, it's the place to have it!

Thank you Co Kim Trang for your wonderful decor! We gave you ideas and you executed it perfectly! Everything was so gorgeous! Loved it! The wedding wouldn't have been anything without you.

Thank you Anh Cuong Dinh for your hard work! Capturing the day for us to enjoy for a lifetime! There was no one else I would rather have than you!

Thank you Charles Nguyen for being the photographer! The question I got asked the most, being a photographer myself, is that who is going to be mine. I'm like, only the best, Charles Nguyen! Worked so hard, ran around like a mad man, never disappoints! Thank you for everything bro!

Thank you Anh K. Pham, Arlene Velasco, Vivian Le, and Lily Wang for all of your help! You guys made all the ladies look so gorgeous! Thank you so much for waking up so early in the morning to pamper them!

Thank you Johnny Nguyen and John Hoang of RLF Society for the awesome effects and the best music! One thing everyone kept on telling me was how great the music was! You guys are awesome! The best people have John in their names. ;)

Thank you June Le & Phong Chau of Memory Box for your hard work at the photo booth! I can't wait to go through and see all the photos of everyone!

Thank you Angel Ann Tran for still handling business even though you came as a guest! Lol! Love + Sparrow is the best! Book them!

Thank you Patrick Carreon for being my gopher! You helped out so much with driving and running errands and just helping out in general! Couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you to all the sisters! Cecilia Nguyen for helping out with everything even though you're super pregnant, lol. Chi Wynn Henson for the awesome Fried Chicken Cake! She's the one that made it! Most popular thing at the wedding. Mary Ngo for running errands and decorating and helping with everything! Chi Cyndie Vuong for being the boss lady, helping us have our wedding, PS. we loved your Vietnamese Boba Tea announcement!

And thank you to the wedding party! Jessika Thavisay, Nam Bam, Anthony Luu, Katie Chien, Di Winner, Ti Pain, Chris Tran, Josie Panis, Kimmie Hoang, Jason Dang & Huy A Vo. Thanks for being an awesome wedding party and putting up with all the craziness! We love you guys!

-Jonny N


Thank you so much for everything! You have been so accommodating and we really appreciate it! So happy with our decision to have our reception at Zander's House. 

-Jackie N. & Phi V.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! I truly am so happy that we chose Zander's House for our wedding. You truly exemplify what being a wonderful vendor is. I cannot begin to tell you how many people came up to us/our parents to rave about the service staff and how delicious the food was! You made everything so easy for us and we're just so happy that everything went off without a hitch. I can't wait to recommend you to other family members that are getting married in the future.

-Angela T. & Danny S.

We choose Zander’s House as the venue for our wedding reception and my wife, our guests, family, and I were completely blown away by the service and food. The food from Zander’s House is well renowned in the DFW area for its exceptional quality for asian cuisine and we were glad they exceeded that expectation during our wedding. Shout out to the owner who helped us during a mild crisis where people showed up without RSVPing but he figured a way to accommodate everyone. The wedding went smooth and we all had a great time !

-Tommy C.

We had the BEST time and everyone raved to me about how the food was amazing! Even Joseph’s step-father, who doesn’t like anything but steak and chicken, tried everything and loved it! Everyone told me the cilantro beef was the best thing they had! Thank you for allowing us to have our reception at Zander’s House!! Best choice we made for our wedding!

Huyen & Joseph